Inglewood Soundbarn

Use technology,
don't let technology use you.

8 Track analog recording is a really cool way to capture a performance and enhance it to just the right degree. It's a great way to make a record without sacrificing sound quality. It can help focus and stimulate the creative process. And hey, it's less expensive. If you're the kind of artist who believes that more is not necessarily better, then maybe it's right for you.

Back in the day, lots of great records were made on exactly the same vintage analog gear used in every session at The Inglewood SoundBarn. Musicians, engineers, and producers got along just fine with "only" 8 tracks. People interacted just as much with each other as they did with the machines. And that human element shines through on those recordings.

Now, it's nice to have the capability to "fix it in the mix" -- and we can do that -- but where do you draw the line? Sometimes limited choices are a good thing, because you have to focus on what really matters. Like the music.